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Tank transport: from dairy farmer to cheese factory

AB Texel Zuivel Transport specialises in transporting dairy and liquid dairy products. Every day our modern, refrigerated tankers transport thousands of litres of milk from dairy farms to the cheese factory. Most of our drivers have years of experience in the transporting dairy and liquid dairy, and they know their trade inside out.

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Cream transport

We don't just transport milk – we also transport other liquid dairy products such as cream. The cream is processed in the factory to create high-quality, delicious cream products such as whipped cream, cooking cream and crème fraîche.


Milk collection: 24/7 continuity

All our milk collection tankers are constantly on the go. Our planners are ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our highly-trained drivers are flexible, available at short notice, and drive to tight schedules. After all, the cows and the milking don't wait.


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