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Specialist in feed transport

Feed Transport is a specialised branch of transport. That's why AB Texel Feed Transport focuses on it exclusively. We load and unload efficiently and effectively, and always at the times you request, so your production can carry on. Here's how.

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Always close by

Our extensive network means that we are always able to meet your transport needs. Our detail-oriented planners are always ready to answer your questions and make any changes needed. This guarantees smooth collections and deliveries for you, from your production site right through to the end user, e.g. cattle farms and laying barns. We provide this service in:

  • The Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Denmark

Bulk and bagged goods

AB Texel Feed Transport transports not only bulk feed, but bagged goods as well. We have specific trailers for both bulk and bagged goods.

We transport bulk feed using bulk tanks, sluice tippers, ZERO-T trailers and walking floors. The bulk tanks, sluice tippers and ZERO-T trailers have multiple compartments, which are also flexible. This means we can easily combine loads and deliver different products at the same time to one or more recipients. This is efficient, keeps our prices competitive, and means that we always have sufficient transport capacity for you.

For bagged goods, we have a fleet of tautliners with forklift, walking floors, and box trailers with tailboard and electric pump truck. This equipment enables us to deliver bagged goods to any location, even where no forklift or pump truck is available.

Challenging delivery locations

Not all delivery locations are the same. Some have narrow yards, or require unloading in a small corner tucked away at the back of a low shed. Naturally you're keen to provide good service to all your clients; we are too. We come up with smart solutions to deliver your feed to difficult locations. For example, take our 'special pipe', developed in-house. This pipe allows us to unload feed from a bulk tank into a shed, in places that other trailers – such as walking floors – are unable to service.

With the ZERO-T trailer we can unload in strong winds, or in places where tipping isn't an option due to height restrictions. ZERO-T stands for 'zero tipping'. 

Trained drivers

Our drivers undergo extensive, specialised training and they exclusively transport feed. They have years of experience and know the hygiene requirements for all types of animal feed inside and out. You can count on them.


Driving under your own label

We are a dedicated partner of some of our customers and drive under their own labels. We handle the entire logistics process, so they can focus 100 percent on their core activities. Could we do that for you?


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