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Transport of Agri and Food Products: What can we offer you?

The transport of agri and food products is difficult to plan too far in advance. There are production peaks, changing weather and harvest periods. That's why you need your logistics services provider to give you speed, flexibility and capacity. We do them better than anyone else. But how?

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Our staff: always contactable

You can reach our planners at any time you need to – day and night. When you've got a question, they'll find an answer. 1,700 staff work 24/7 to deliver your agri and food products on time, efficiently and with the greatest of care.


AB Transport Group drivers: agri and food transport specialists

Of course this wouldn't be possible without some 1,500 professional AB drivers. And they're not just 'drivers' - they're specialists, trained in the transport of specific agri and food products.


We have mentor drivers to train and support all new drivers. It's only once they've reached our high standards, have sufficient experience, and so can call themselves true specialists, that they're able to start transporting your products.


Your needs and logistical process are our starting points

Thanks to our large vehicle fleet and extensive network, we always have a truck close by. Our GPS technology means that we know exactly where our trucks are and when they will reach you. This enables us to easily and flexible respond to your needs and your process.