AB Texel Group COVID-19 Safety Measures

AB Texel Group is taking a number of measures to limit the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus as much as possible. These measures comply with the guidelines set down by the government, the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) and the local GGD (Public Health Service).

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Instructions for the transport sector
AB Texel Group is keeping on top of the advice given on the liveblog of the Dutch Association for Transport and Logistics (TLN) about what the coronavirus means for the transport sector. Commercial goods transport across borders is currently permitted. Naturally we are keeping a close eye on any changes to regulations, and we are keeping drivers up to date on the guidelines in order to prevent the spread of the virus.


Communication with our staff
All our staff are given regular updates on the new and amended measures from the government, the RIVM and clients. Drivers are asked to take care and to avoid direct human contact. It goes without saying that they have been asked to wash their hands regularly, cough or sneeze into the inside of the elbow, and use disposable paper tissues. We have also instructed the drivers to strictly observe clients' hygiene measures at loading and unloading addresses.


Ill employees
Staff who have flu symptoms or fever with respiratory complaints will be asked to report this immediately and to telephone a GP. Staff will stay home where necessary.


In addition, the required hygiene measures are being taken across all our offices. Appointments with clients and internal meetings will be kept to a minimum.

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