AB Texel Group acquires Van Leendert agricultural transport

As of 1 March 2020, AB Texel will take over Van Leendert's agricultural transport activities. The acquisition is in line with AB Texel Group's strategy of continuing to provide optimal service to the sector.


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Van Leendert Transport B.V. transports bulk agricultural products through the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany; potatoes and fresh vegetables such as peas, beans and carrots. The company also transports liquid animal feed. Van Leendert Transport B.V. has 47 employees and a vehicle fleet of 32 tractor units and 120 trailer units. AB Texel Group will take over the full range of agricultural transport activities; the activities of Van Leendert Milieu B.V. are not part of the acquisition.
With this acquisition, AB Texel Group not only strengthens its network but also acquires a base in an important agricultural area, close to production areas in Germany, France and Belgium. The acquisition is in line with AB Texel Group's strategy of providing optimal service to its clients and maintaining its guarantee of continuity.
AB Texel Group transports bulk agricultural products in Western Europe The business also specialises in transporting feed, flour, dairy and liquid dairy, and refrigerated food products.


Eric van Leendert, director and owner of Van Leendert, explains: "Changing market conditions and the lack of succession have led to this step.” Co-director and co-owner Marleen van Leendert adds, "Continuity for our staff and clients is our top priority, which is why we wanted to find a reliable agricultural transport partner." Eric and Marleen van Leendert will now focus on Van Leendert Milieu B.V.


Dennis Wetenkamp, CEO of AB Texel Group, says, "Van Leendert and AB Texel drive for some of the same clients. Strengthening our network means that we can increase our efficiency and further optimise the service we provide to our clients – not just in potato transport, but also in the transport of other agricultural products, such as vegetables."

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