AB Texel Group acquires share in COMBEX Bouwlogistiek

AB Texel Group will acquire a significant share in COMBEX Bouwlogistiek with effect from 1 May 2019. COMBEX will continue to operate as an independent company but will bring its strengths and expertise to AB so that together we can further improve the quality of the service provision.

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COMBEX is specialised in the transport of structural concrete and construction materials and abnormal loads. With 120 own trucks, 35 permanent charters and an expansive transport network, COMBEX ranks among the largest logistic service providers in this sector.


AB Texel Group is a specialist in food and agri transport. “We want to continue to develop as a mature logistics service provider. This step is being taken so we can become active in another important pillar of the Dutch economy. COMBEX is an important partner in the construction supply chain and by delivering high quality and building lasting relationships with the clients, realises its ambitions in the same way as AB Texel Group!”, according to Dennis Wetenkamp, director of AB Texel Group.


Marco Winder, director of COMBEX Bouwlogistiek: “For COMBEX, this represents a logical step forward in the continued development of our organisation and is a way to grow as an ambitious and progressive logistics service provider in our sector. AB Texel Group is a healthy and robust partner with whom we can future-proof our organisation and safeguard continuity and outstanding service levels for our clients.”

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