AB Texel Group acquires Transport Impens

AB Texel Group will take over Belgian company Transport Impens as of 9 April 2019. With this acquisition, AB Texel Group expands agricultural product transport in Belgium and France.

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Transport Impens specialises in transporting bulk products, both agricultural and industrial. The family business also transports palletised general cargo, and goods in big bags and crates. Transport Impens has a varied vehicle fleet including belt bulker trailers, grain tippers, asphalt tippers, walking floors and tautliners. They drive daily in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. AB Texel Group also transports bulk agricultural products in these countries. In addition, AB Texel Group specialises in transporting animal feed, flour, liquid dairy, and refrigerated food products.


Dirk Impens, director and owner of Transport Impens: “We're a family business and we stand for professional and personal service. We see this at AB too, despite the company's size. It's time for me to step down. I see the acquisition by AB as a logical and reassuring step to secure the future of Transport Impens, for both our staff and our clients. Our service provision is assured, and improved even further."

Dennis Wetenkamp, director of AB Texel Group, adds: “AB and Impens have worked together closely for years. To a great extent we drive for the same clients. We want to provide these clients with the best possible service, and the acquisition of Impens is in line with that. This strengthens our network in Belgium and France, both countries in which we have opportunities for growth."

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