New name AB Transport Group

As from 1 January 2016 AB Texel, Butter Group and A-ware Logistics will operate under the name AB Transport Group. Since AB Texel acquired Butter Group in June, we have been working hard on the unification of the two companies as well as the merger with A-ware Logistics. The new group will be taking on a new name and logo.

AB dots

New name

Why AB Transport Group? AB is derived from AB Texel and is a combination of the first letters of the three businesses (AB Texel, Butter Group, and A-ware Logistics).


Businesses & activities

Under the banner of AB, we will continue to operate distinct businesses and specialisations. We transport bulk agricultural products, flour, feed, (liquid) dairy and chilled agri-food.
Regarding bulk agricultural products, the company will approach the market from two perspectives. AB Texel will chiefly serve the Dutch, Belgian, English and French markets and the processing industry. Butter Group will focus primarily on Germany and the remaining European countries, as well as on the trading and packaging companies.


Company names

AB Texel will remain AB Texel. Butter Group will change its name to AB Butter. A-ware Logistics will become AB Texel Fresh Transport.
The partnership names will not change, other than A-ware Logistics B.V. which will become AB Texel Fresh Transport B.V.


New logo

The new logo features our characteristic blue, while the green dot forms the connection between the three companies. We will be phasing in the new name and corporate identity from 1 January. Our existing logos will also be in use for the time being.
The new logo has a fresh, modern look that is in keeping with our ambition to develop into the most respected logistics service provider in agri-food.

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