AB Transport Group will be known as AB Texel Group

We would like to inform you of the following: the name AB Transport Group will be changed to AB Texel Group as per 1 November 2018. We are mainly known in the market as ‘AB Texel’ so consider it a logical step to change our group name. The company name AB Transport Group B.V. will remain unchanged.

AB dots

The names of our subsidiaries will remain unchanged, with two exceptions:

  • AB Texel Deutschland GmbH will become AB Texel Feed Deutschland GmbH.
  • AB Butter Expeditie B.V. will change its name to AB Texel Expeditie B.V.


Our name may be changing, but our service levels are not. We will continue to make every effort to provide excellent and rapid service to our customers in the food and agri sector.

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