AB Transport Group invests in employee development with its own Academy

AB Transport Group wants to improve the quality of the training for its employees even further. In order to achieve this, AB Transport Group has set up its own Academy, AB Move on.

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Dennis Wetenkamp, managing director of AB Transport Group, says: "Via AB Move on, we offer tailor-made training to our employees. focused on the specific AB company and on practical experience." AB Transport Group transports bulk agricultural products, refrigerated food products, feed, flour and dairy. Each discipline calls for specific knowledge and skills, and the Academy supports this. 
All Code 95 training courses will also be provided by AB Move on Academy, enabling the AB drivers to earn the required Code 95 points in time.


“AB Move on Academy doesn't just offer professional training courses; it also has training in professional conduct,” HR Manager Petra Giesing explains. Dennis Wetenkamp: "We want to become the most respected logistics service provider in agri and food. Our drivers are pivotal to helping us achieve that. With the Academy, we're making an investment in their ongoing development.”


AB Move on is a joint venture between AB Transport Group and Advance Group. Roberto Palland, director of Advance Group, says: "With the realisation of this company academy we've created a strategic partnership between AB Transport Group and Advance Group. That's something that we're very proud of. With AB Move on we're advancing AB Transport Group, and that will benefit AB's customers enormously. It's a win-win situation.”

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