AB Transport Group new sponsor of the skating team

AB Transport Group will be sponsoring coach Jillert Anema's skating team this season. The team consists of thirteen skaters, both long track speed skaters and marathon speed skaters. AB Transport Group and Royal A-ware are focused on marathon speed skating, while engineering firm CLAFIS is focused on the long track team.

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Skating coalition: long track and marathon enhance each other

The combination of long track and marathon speed skating has been a tremendous success in the past two years. "When long track speed skaters and marathon speed skaters can learn from each other, you get the best skaters," Amena said at the time. The skating coalition comprises the following teams:

  • AB Transport Group men's team: Erik-Jan Kooiman, Niels Mesu, KC Boutiette (USA) and Ewen Fernandez (France). The fifth place is still open.
  • Royal A-ware men's team: Jorrit Bergsma, Arjan Stroetinga, Bob de Vries, Evert Hoolwerf and Simon Schouten.
  • Royal A-ware women's team: Carien Kleibeuker, Irene Schouten and Heather Bergsma-Richardson.
  • Just as in the last two seasons, all long track skaters will wear the red & black CLAFIS suit. The engineering firm earlier pledged its support for the coalition until after the Olympics.

AB Transport Group and Royal A-ware are both part of the family business Royal A-ware Food Group. Both companies are looking forward to a great marathon season with some great competitions and lots of victories. "We will continue to support our marathon team, to guarantee continuity for the skate coalition," Royal A-Ware Food Group CEO Jan Anker said. Skating goes perfectly with cheese, a traditional Dutch product that we work with every day." AB Transport Group is active throughout Europe, but has its roots in the Netherlands. "Marathon speed skaters are hard-working Dutch men and women who make an enormous effort to achieve their goals," says Adriaan Vis, the director of AB Transport Group. "We also see this mentality in our employees and customers."


International ambitions on the long track

Bert Jonker, the director of CLAFIS, says of the skating coalition: "I have enormous faith in our linking concept. It has been very successful so far and I am very confident that it will continue until the 2018 Olympics." With Bergsma-Richardson, Boutiette and Fernandez, the coalition also stays faithful to its international ambitions. This has been an objective from day one. "Our aim has always been to provide opportunities for international talent, to bring skating to a higher level, and to stimulate competition," Jonker says. "I've got the utmost confidence in the combination of Anema and these three aces. It's sharpened the focus of the skating coalition."



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