AB Texel Group sponsors the Cyclo-cross World Cup competition

This year, AB Texel Group is sponsoring the Cyclo-cross World Cup competition on Sunday 27 December in Dendermonde.  
The impressive list of starters includes many big names from the cyclo-cross world, and Denise Betsema will be in action on the day.

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AB Texel Group has been this Texel cyclist's logistics partner for years. And sponsoring one of the World Cup competitions ties in nicely with this.

Dennis Wetenkamp (Managing Director at AB Texel Group): '' We are pleased that we can contribute to the organization of this cyclo-cross competition. Cyclo-cross is a wonderful sport characterized by the enormous perseverance of the cyclists. They refuse to be put off by anything. And that is a mentality that we fully support at AB Texel Group.''

Unfortunately, the cyclo-cross World Cup comprises five races instead of fourteen this year, due to Covid-19. The competition in Dendermonde follows two previous events in Tabor (29 November) and Namur (20 December). After the stage in Dendermonde, there will be two more races, one in Hulst (3 January) and the other in Overijse (24 January).

AB Texel Group wishes Denise Betsema the best of luck in the competition!

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