First ZERO-T trailer for AB Texel Group

Light, fast, and more options in feed unloading order

AB Texel Group's first ZERO-T trailer is now in operation. This new type of trailer is ground-breaking in terms of options for use, weight savings, manoeuvrability, and driver convenience.

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The ZERO-T will be used for feed transport. ZERO-T stands for 'zero tipping'. This unique feature allows the driver to unload in strong winds and in places where height restrictions mean that tipping isn't possible. The ZERO-T's main advantages are its light weight, unloading speed, and the unloading order options it presents.

The ZERO-T trailer was developed by Priden Engineering and TVS Europe (formerly SB Components). The trailer needed to be lighter than a sluice tipper, operate faster and offer more options for unloading order. The ZERO-T has a completely aluminium body and weighs eight tonnes. The wider unloading belt means faster unloading. The trailer has seven independent compartments, which can be opened and unloaded in any order via a valve system. The ZERO-T is also suitable for loading returns. The single or double electronic VSE controls provide optimum manoeuvrability, enabling good manoeuvring even in small yards.
During development, the focus was on safety and ease of use. The trailer is equipped with vibrators and blowers, so there's no need for the driver to go into the tank to clean it. There is also a landing at the front and a ladder that can be secured, together with a blower for keeping the tank extra-clean by blowing it from above with air.

AB Texel Group will be using the first ZERO-T trailer to serve various customers in the Benelux and Germany. Dennis Wetenkamp, CEO of AB Texel Group, says, "Because the trailer is suitable for loading raw materials, the driver can bring it back 'full' and we are able to reduce empty kilometres. When combined with its light weigh, this means a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions." AB Texel Group's feed fleet will be expanded with more ZERO-T trailers, depending on practical experience.


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