AB Texel Group expands vehicle fleet with LHVs

AB Texel Group is expanding its fleet with LHVs (Longer Heavier Vehicles). The LHVs will be used by AB Texel Fresh Transport, the AB business that transports refrigerated food products in Western Europe.

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The first LHV was delivered on Friday 10 July. Fresh driver Niels van der Meij, who has undergone special training to drive LHVs, took delivery of the first combination. He will use his new combination to transport temperature-controlled food such as chicken, meat, fruit, vegetables, and cheese.

The LHVs enable the transport of larger volumes, with fuel consumption not much higher than that of a standard trailer. This means a considerable fuel saving and CO2 reduction for every tonne transported.|

AB Texel Group is determined to make its fleet more sustainable. For example, a number of trucks run on LNG and the company is working with suppliers to develop lighter trailers that reduce CO2 emissions per tonne transported. In addition, a sophisticated Transport Management System is used to reduce the driving of empty trucks even further. AB Texel Group's dense network also enables extremely efficient – and thus more sustainable – transport.

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