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Your experienced, detail-oriented transporter

Thanks to our many years of experience, we understand the special and extremely high demands that transporting agri and food products poses both to you and to us. We transport your products with the utmost care and attention. Here's how.

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Every employee is a specialist

All our companies and drivers have their own specialism. This means that we understand the unique transport needs of each product in detail. We keep this knowledge current by constantly investing in the education and training of our employees. This enables us to continue to update and improve the service we provide to you.


Of course we have a large, modern vehicle fleet, geared to each type of agri and food product. In addition we possess all the necessary international certifications and a number of others as well. Only the highest quality is good enough for us.


Who transports what?

Below is an overview of agri and food products along with our companies that transport each one. Would you like more information? Don't hesitate to contact us. 


Bulk agricultural products

  • AB Texel
  • AB Texel UK
  • AB Texel France
  • AB Impens
  • AB Texel Deutschland
  • Bosman Transport



  • AB Texel Feed Transport
  • AB Texel Feed Deutschland
  • AB Texel Feed België


Refrigerated food products

  • AB Texel Fresh Transport



  • AB Texel Meel Transport


Dairy / liquid dairy

  • AB Texel Zuivel Transport


Construction logistics

In addition to these companies, COMBEX Bouwlogistiek is part of the AB Texel Group. COMBEX is specialized in transport of concrete and building materials and exceptional transport. For more information see: www.combex.nl