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Our transport company: a success story since 1890

The AB Texel Group came to be in 2015 when three family companies joined forces:

  • AB Texel (1923)
  • Butter Group (1931)
  • A-ware Logistics (1890)


But our history goes back a lot further. How did it all start? Let's go back to the beginning.

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AB Texel: Fodder business becomes transport company

Aad Bakker started a fodder trading business in 1923. The business continued in the same field until the 4th generation switched direction and the fodder business became a transport enterprise with two trucks. That number grew rapidly, and by mid-2015 AB Texel had more than 450 trucks in various countries. The company specialised in transporting potatoes, feed, flour and liquid dairy.


Butter Group: Ships and trucks

In 1931, Cor Butter started a regular liner service, 'De Westfries', with 1 motor boat. This was the beginning of what would later be known as the Butter Group. Back then, loading and unloading were still done by hand. The fleet expanded rapidly – with trucks as well as ships. Today the Butter Group, now called AB Butter, transports potatoes, grain, carrots, onions and other bulk agricultural products across large areas of Europe.


A-ware Logistics: Passion for Food

Until AB Texel Group was created, A-ware Logistics formed part of Royal A-ware. It was a family business that specialised in maturing, slicing, packaging, storing, transporting and selling cheese. Royal A-ware was formed in 2010 from the merger of two family businesses, Bouter and Anker. In addition to cheese, A-ware Logistics – now called AB Texel Fresh Transport – transports countless other fresh products such as meat and meat products, fruit and vegetables.