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Our special responsibility

We are a family company and have quite a rich history. That is one of the reasons why we feel a special responsibility for the future and the next generation. What does this mean in concrete terms?

AB dots

Healthy, safe and enjoyable work

Our employees are the backbone of our company. They work hard, and with a passion for the job. That is why we want to ensure that they can work in a safe and healthy way - and enjoy their work. Our objective is to achieve fitness and health for the long term. How do we ensure this?

Nobody knows this better than our employees themselves. AB Texel Group places great value on employee participation and an open dialogue. This way we know exactly how our employees experience their work and what they need for that. We also invest in their talent and in their ongoing development by providing tailor-made training courses.

But we also invest in a safe and healthy working environment. Because our employees have to deal on a daily basis with a lot of heavy and moving equipment, creating and maintaining safe working conditions is our priority. We keep our knowledge about working safely, and that of our employees, up-to-date. We work with an OH&S management system according to the international OHSAS 18001 guidelines, that contributes substantially to minimising workplace risks.


Our green dot: care for the environment

Unfortunately, transport has an environmental impact, but we are tackling this. That's why you'll see a green dot in our logo. The dot symbolises our dedication to sustainability and improvement of the environment. Our objective of sustainability we achieve by using cleaner fuels and improving the infrastructure. This reduces AB Texel Group's CO2 footprint. A few examples:


  • Part of our vehicle fleet already runs on LNG, and we're rolling this out further.
  • With the help of our transportation management system (TMS), our planners maximise
    utilisation of our vehicle fleet and reduce the number of empty kilometres.
  • Together with our suppliers, we design lighter trailers to transport more cargo at
    lower costs and with lower CO2 emissions per transported tonne.


Our ISO14001 guarantees all environmental regulations.


Sustainable collaboration

You can achieve more together than you can alone. That's why we invest a lot of time in long-term partnerships with our supply chain partners, in various fields including sustainable entrepreneurship.


A good neighbour is worth more than a distant friend

Via Stichting A-wareness, we are closely involved with the communities where the AB Texel Group has branches.